Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Importance of Persistance & Consistancy

If there's one thing I've learned about success, it's that talent only counts for a small percentage of success. There are a handful of truly gifted and talented artists, business people and humanitarians whom most of us can name. It's wonderful to aspire to that level and hone your skills to be the best in your field.

However, there are a LOT more mediocre celebrities, artists, advice columnists and philanthropers who get a lot more attention that the aforementioned group. Why? Because this group has a non-stop drive. These are people who, no matter what the circumstances are, continue to sally forth through the sludge and difficult times. I'm not just talking about people who seek the limelight; I'm describing the unfettered spirit who, no matter how many rejection letters they receive, no matter how many times they're told "no", continue to reassess and move forward.

I personally know dozens of performers. The ones who are the most successful are not the most talented. They are the ones who have doggedly persued their dreams.

When making your resolutions for 2009, put "Accept No Failure" as one of your mantras. It might make the difference.