Thursday, December 4, 2008

Need A Gig? Wrap My Gifts!

It's that time of the year when panic sets in -- gifts have to be purchased, wrapped and distributed. Most of us wait until a few days before Christmas or Hanukkah before we start wrapping presents. Where's the tape? Do we have enough paper? Where's the flipping gift tags?!

Each year, I watch my friends wrap their gifts at the last minute. And it looks like it. I've received gifts wrapped in newspaper, brown paper bags, and even no wrapping at all. Great wrapping is half of the fun -- it should delight the eye and inspire curiosity in the receiver. (And maybe invoke jealousy from everyone else.)

If you have an eye for wrapping, put those skills to work NOW. Get the flyers up in the local Panera, post your ad on Craigslist and email everyone you know - YOU are now a Wrap Artist!

Here's a few links that will give you inspiration for beautiful wrapping: Here, here, and here. There are plenty more resources on the internet.

How would I do it? Here's some ideas:

  • Supply everything that your customer needs; your wrapping paper services should include good quality paper, lovely ribbons, bows and a gift tag.
  • Wrap up several dummy boxes to let your customers see the quality of your work. Snap pics and put on your iPhone so that you can show clients. Name each wrapping style so that customers can tell you which gifts are to be wrapped in which papers.
  • Create a simple spreadsheet with your customer's name and contact info. Columns should include the gift, who it's going to, the type of paper selected and any notes. This should be signed off by you and the client so that when your client receives the gifts back he/she knows which goes to whom. It's also a way to keep inventory so that nothing gets lost.
  • For a small additional fee, offer pick up and delivery of the gifts.
  • Charge another fee if gifts are to be mailed and mail for the client.
  • Keep your spreadsheet with the contact info so that you can send out "Thank You" cards and solicit them for work next season.

Your ideas?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Importance of Persistance & Consistancy

If there's one thing I've learned about success, it's that talent only counts for a small percentage of success. There are a handful of truly gifted and talented artists, business people and humanitarians whom most of us can name. It's wonderful to aspire to that level and hone your skills to be the best in your field.

However, there are a LOT more mediocre celebrities, artists, advice columnists and philanthropers who get a lot more attention that the aforementioned group. Why? Because this group has a non-stop drive. These are people who, no matter what the circumstances are, continue to sally forth through the sludge and difficult times. I'm not just talking about people who seek the limelight; I'm describing the unfettered spirit who, no matter how many rejection letters they receive, no matter how many times they're told "no", continue to reassess and move forward.

I personally know dozens of performers. The ones who are the most successful are not the most talented. They are the ones who have doggedly persued their dreams.

When making your resolutions for 2009, put "Accept No Failure" as one of your mantras. It might make the difference.