Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to Gig Advice

I’ve been an entrepreneur ever since 10th grade when I was renting out “Snoopy Viewers” to classmates during study hall. Since then, I’ve created dozens of side businesses to feed my creative and financial needs. I get excited about new ideas and the start-up business practice. However, being a typical Aries, after I get something off the ground and have taken it as far as I want it to go, I walk away.

Recently, I started a couple of cool projects in town (more to be revealed in upcoming posts). Once my interest in those projects had run their course, instead of just letting them die on the vine, I was able to hand them off to a couple of guys who were able to develop them further. Today, both side hustles have turned into fulfilling money-making adventures for these guys - and in one case, because of the marketing this guy does, it’s been a cash-cow and has built up his reputation in his industry.

That’s what this blog is about: me sharing ideas for businesses that I would love to start. I just don’t have the time to do them all. Each week I will try to present a new business idea along with thoughts about what I would do if I ran it. If I inspire you to try a new business venture - terrific. (If you become profitable, remember where inspiration struck!) I’ll also post articles about finding business assistance, what mistakes not to make, how to find inspiration to keep going and much more.

So, whether you’re here to find your own side hustle to make a few bucks, or just looking for something to do. Welcome to Gig Advice.